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Making money is easy if you know how in the crypto and currency markets. But it’s even easier with copy trading. Just pick a trader and choose to duplicate their trades on your account and let it run. No trading skills necessary.

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There is so much that is new in the investment world today it’s difficult to keep up. What we will be doing here is exploring and looking at options for our own portfolios which we will share with you here on this website in time. So this website will be a work in progress as we bring you new things. I am an enthusiast myself. I used to be a stockbroker and financial advisor and now I’m a trader and I’ve started this blog to help others navigate the new frontier. Because make no mistake, the old way of doing investment, is slowly dying. And it doesn’t know it’s dying. The new investment frontier is exciting and those who jump on now, will be years ahead of their traditional retirement curve. I will bring you ideas, know-how, ways of doing things in order to help you make money. There are no advisors in this space like there are with insurance or savings plans. So I will help and share and we will make money together, this page will be about making money.

What is Copy Trading?

Copy trading is using technology to copy the trades of successful traders or algorithms onto your own account that you have at a brokerage. All you have to do is open a brokerage account and then we load the software from a server, signalling trades to your account. And that’s on automatic. Copy trading is an upgrade from a signalling service because you don’t have to place the trades yourself. It’s all automatic. Amazing! Yes I know. You will need at least $5000 to do this. Why? Because having an account of that size, reduces risk with the copy trading robot that I’m going to recommend for this beautifully speculative venture. And I’ve embraced the risk. Over 20 years of trading I’m used to it, and I really don’t see it anymore as being that risky. For me, it’s a yawn, but for somebody coming from a money market, I get it. It’s because you don’t understand it and you need experience with it. But if I had the balls to say yes to this risk, like I’m asking you now, I would have been years ahead financially if I had, if I said yes, I’d have at least R16,000,000 more than I have now, because I was fearful of “the risk, the risk!” My life would have been significantly different. Don’t make that same mistake. Take the risk, if you lose, you’re wiser, try again, because there is literally nothing else that can make you a millionnaire in such a short space of time. 5 years, that’s all you need. I am way behind because I lost money trying to do it myself. Me being the trader. It’s not that the strategy was bad. What was bad was me at implementing the strategy. To get it right, your discipline has to be that of a top athlete or that of a marching chinese soldier at a parade. You can have the best strategy in the world but if you have emotions getting in your way, and for many other reasons (trading has many many pitfalls), including issues of addiction to trading, which brings it’s own set of trading problems that will sabotage your strategy. Trading is complicated. And so finally after years and years of success followed by failure, I now understand the importance of robots and expert advisors. I give up. I’m an emotional being, I can’t deny it. But a trading robot, it executes exactly as it should according to preprogrammed criteria. It will execute without question or doubt or second guesses. It doesn’t matter how good your strategy is. Like Mike Tyson says, “Everyone has a strategy until they get punched in the face.” And when you start losing money, it can feel like that.

Now if you’re completely new to this, we also have a service where we will set this up for you because it does require a bit of know how with installation software and calibration and of coarse there will be terms and layouts that you have no idea about. So we will set you up for a nominal fee of $50. We call it an installation fee here and you can purchase it on the online store for having me set up your robot for you after having opened a brokerage account with the broker below.

“Now go live your life,” Peter loves saying, once it’s all done. We have / will be recommending brokers in the broker section but we specifically like this one for now. Click on the banner and open an account and let us know when it’s done so that we can load the software to your account. From there you can contact us and we will install an algorithm.

There are usually a number of options in copy trading depending on where you go. E-Toro above have a very easy system that requires no installation, it’s very user friendly and self-explanatory. Assuming you know the lingo and terminology of trading. It requires no installation from us, it’s another system. And they both have their benefits. One is more technologically based, also set and forget. In fact, you should probably have both accounts, because they both have their positives and you’ll enjoy them both. I did.

1) You can rent the signal that copies to your account on a monthly basis or

2) There’s profit sharing. (You pay a portion of your profit over at the end of the month).

Now, what are the benefits of getting a managed profit sharing robot as opposed to buying one yourself?

– You earn while you learn! Yeah, sitting there at your computer to watch the robot trade will teach you many things. And it will improve you as a trader if that’s what you want.

– You become immediately successful.

– Your have free time. Because trust me. You spend most of your time otherwise as a trader doing it yourself, glued to your trading screen, waiting for the trade. You wait hours, sometimes days.

– You can continue with your life.

– You can now generate a third income, if you want, because this will be your second.

– Robot is managed and calibrated remotely by algorithmists making sure that the robot is always profitable because clients can’t be expected to do it as with most advisors because they don’t have the experience to change the variables as the market changes from trending to sideways or vice versa.

– The chances of you blowing your account is highly reduced, due to you not interfering and changing settings or not adapting them to the new market conditions.

– You can employ the managed robot immediately, no need for testing, tweaking or trial period. It is immediately profitable.

– The managed robot has a team motivated to make sure that it’s always profitable, because that’s how they get paid. It’s on going, continuous. It’s another layer of safety and security.

– The robot trades 24 hours a day, so guess who is awake while you sleep? The owners of the managed robot are.

So, as you now understand, a managed robot, deserves a management fee in the form of profit sharing. It is managed remotely. You don’t have to touch a thing. All you have to do, is open a brokerage account and then call us to install. Leave your computer on and walk away. And then I want you to call me and tell me how much you now enjoy watching the amounts on your screen increase. And that’s why you pay a managed robot fee. We have a 60-40% profit sharing split in your favour.

Sign-up to this brokerage, that’s where we run our robots from, having our clients accounts on the same server makes transaction speeds faster and has no compatibility issues with other brokers based on name of instruments and leverage and types of account etc. It’s much simpler. N.B. We reserve the right not to take you on as a client.